Filing for - or objecting to - Legal Guardianship? Let us walk you through it.

No matter how the issue of guardianship is affecting you, we know it can be an emotional experience that impacts many parts of your life.

As an area of law, guardianship serves to protect everyday people.

It's there to make sure that those who otherwise cannot do so might still have their wellbeing looked after, not be subjected to exploitation, and so much more.

When a person is deemed to be incapacitated, someone needs to take care of their health and personal needs.

But as we've all seen with the headline-making case of Britney Spears: there can be just as many reasons to object to a guardianship as there are to petition for one.

Borger Law can help you dive into the legal nuances of guardianship in South Carolina. We make sure that you have a concise and strategic legal approach that calls on experts, organizes evidence, and seals the deal on how to create – or break – a legal guardianship. 

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