Know your rights. We can help tenants with unscrupulous landlords. And we can help landlords with problematic tenants.

Your home is your sanctuary. Except when it's not. And as a tenant, your options for fixing that can be limited. Landlords can be difficult. Broken appliances and leaky faucets may remain unfixed. Dangerous conditions in the unit or on the property might persist far past an acceptable period of time. You might deserve your security deposit back in full but have a landlord who is refusing to return it.

When you're a tenant facing conditions like these, it's easy to slip into feeling powerless. But rest assured:

Tenants in South Carolina are protected under the law.

We can help walk you through the details of your situation and help guide you.

And if you're a landlord, the set of legal issues that might arise seems almost endless. From liabilities to evictions, we can provide a fresh pair of eyes for your case and offer insight that will ensure you're taking all of the proper professional steps and taking them in the best way possible.

Our experience in landlord/tenant law is here for you with related issues across the board. Those might include:

  • Leases
  • Evictions
  • Discrimination
  • Complaints
  • Stipulated Agreements
  • Personal Property

If you're a tenant: your home should be a peaceful and safe place. If you're a landlord: your business shouldn't give you any more headaches than necessary. Let us help! Call and tell us about what you have going on. 

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